MASTER Yun Long Zi, the 6th generation of FengShui master in his family, learnt & inherited the mantle from his grandfather, 天⼄居⼠. His grandfather has 5 children and 10 grandchildren, and he is the only who is interested in FengShui and dedicated on bringing the best prosperity to clients with elegance.

Lotus on Water was founded on 2006 by Master Yun, and he has been inspiring wellness and wealth since that time through his knowledge of FengShui. Just after Lotus on Water started, Lotus on Water was awarded Golden Brand Award in 2007/8, Singapore Prestige Brand Award in 2008, & Successful Entrepreneur Award in 2010, getting amazing results and prospering together with Lotus clients.

Before Master Yun founded Lotus on Water, he was young and carried out his business at home. Master Yun business at that time has attracted large crowds when it turned out that his predictions were very accurate.

Master Yun could not advertise my services as he was carrying out his business at home and he had to rely on giving out his name card instead. But his reputation grew by the word of mouth and his clients increased from the tens to the hundreds, with some of them coming from Hong Kong, China and Europe.

It started when there was a client from Holland, they came here on the 31st of December, and Master Yun and them were in a dinner table together in a friend’s house.

So, they heard about Master Yun and said:”Would you please do a reading for me?”. (For your information: Master Yun has semi-retired & doesn’t do reading for new client anymore.)

So Master Yun said:”Sure, of course.”. So he said many things, many informations.

Out of the many things that Master Yun told them, one of the thing they remembered is when they go back to Netherlands, they are going to get some of the unexpected wealth, and they get a lottery of $10,000 Euro.

Frankly, $10,000 Euro is a very small sum of money as compared to Master Yun’s clients nowadays, after they received Lotus on Water service, bought and used the Lotus Treasures.

There’s a very small sum of money for the Netherlands clients, but they are so excited, because they are restaurant owners, they told everyone, all the guests in the restaurant about me.

So he called me and said:”Master, we need you to come here and do fengshui for us.”. And Master Yun told him:”Okay, well, you know my rules, I can only fly that far if I have at least 5 clients.”, and he told Master Yun:”I have 21 for you”.

For the few visits I went there, in short, the 21 addresses turned out to be more than 100, some of them are showrooms of the boss of Mercedes-Benz Netherlands. So Master Yun made his first, they call it first pot of gold, but not gold, it’s silver, so Master Yun brought it back and started his first gallery.

Coincidentally, the garage opposite my home happened to be in bad business, and they wanted to sell the shop to me. I looked at the fengshui of the shop and I knew that I have the ability to turn the foul and rotten into the rare and prosperous, hence I took over it.

This is how Lotus on Water was founded, and how the prosperity with elegance starts to meet.

And slowly, I mean my clients, actually not too slow, so my clients increased quite a lot, and some how another, we not only have Singaporeans, but we have a lot of people like Jewish, like Russian, like America, French, of course Dutch and the people around that region, even from China people come and buy from us the jade.

There are three things: Heavenly Time, Earthly Resources and Human Will.

Heavenly time is fixed. That is your fate.

But you can make use of the best earthly resources to enhance your luck.

Let me explain something that’s general for all these 3 items.

In Fengshui, we think that all the energy comes from Heaven, or the Heavenly time, we called the 天时,the second thing is the Earthly resources, and the third one is the Human Will or Human mind.

So mainly for the jade, it is a personal fengshui thing, so we calculate the day that you were born, and that is called the Heavenly time.

We suggest and we sell to you the kind of jade that is beneficial for you, that is making use of the
Earthly resources.

So, the natural resources is helping you in what way? Right? Maybe in 100 or let’s say 20 years ago, our ideas of wealth is different, 100 years ago, you have a lot of wine, a lot of children, a lot of caltays, a big piece of lands, you are wealthy.

In the modern period, you open up your laptop and you see many zero behind your account, and
that you are very wealthy.

So how is this energy from Heaven and Earth is going to help you and that is the Human Will.

If you ask me, a good fengshui master not only need to understand the speasant, the spirit, the wide of our classics, our classic fengshui, but we must be intelligent enough to know how to apply it to the modern period so that it is relevant for all of us.

At that time in Singapore, 98% of places that sell jade, they do not sell the natural jade.

We are the first one in Singapore that sells 100% jade, without chemical treatment and without
colour injections.

The colleagues in my same industry was laughing at me behind me, because they think that I am
going to close down very soon.

Strangely, after 2 years, our revenues is 10 times more.

30 October 2012, Master Yun has retired from seeing new clients, stop giving fengshui consultations and analysing client’s bazi (birth data). Instead, Master Yun is focusing on his meditation and spiritual power, calculate new clients favourable elements and to focus his energy when he blesses new clients Lotus Treasures.

“Rather than wanting to know how good our life will be, it is far better to know how good our life can be.”

“The best way to predict the future is to create one.”. Create yours now with Master Yun & Lotus on Water.